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About Us

A dessert boutique, as we would like to call ourselves, the Vanilla Bean team prides itself as a 'One Stop' dessert store for all your sweet cravings. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tart, semifreddos, panacottas, mousses - we have it all. Our products are freshly baked with the best quaility vanilla beans, chocolates and sweet butter.

Our motto is to make your 'sweet experience' extra special.

Our Story - The Beginning of Vanilla Bean

The story of our baking kitchen - Chef Pam
Life’s simple pleasures for a child always lie in Mamma’s kitchen and my earliest memories of baking are those of my mother whipping up yummy goodies for friends and family during festivities. As I grew up and moved out, the memories of my childhood baking with mamma kept coming back. I started taking baby steps to make those nostalgic moments 'Alive' once again. To pursue my passion, I exchanged the ID card of my corporate job with the baker’s humble apron. In the marriage between this food connoisseur and her passion, Vanilla Bean was born. It was a day of tremendous joy! I experienced motherhood for the second time. I fussed and fretted, gasped and gulped each time a cake entered the oven and felt blessed when people got back with smiles and 'loved it' expressions. This journey, with Vanilla Bean, which began less than a year ago, is now my World. I wake up every morning with new ideas and inspirations and end each day with sweet and delightful moments.

Our a la carte has a wide range of desserts - from the popular cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tarts and mousses to panacottas, semifreddoes and fusion desserts. Children's specials like ice cream cakes and marshmallows are on the list too. Our products are freshly baked with the best quality vanilla beans, chocolate and sweet butter.

We emphasize sensitivity for special diets.

Our motto is to make your 'sweet experience' extra special.

We believe in our core values. We are true to our patrons.

We are here to ‘bake a difference’. Enjoy your bite and flash a smile.